Top restaurant at Eiffel Palace

St. Andrea Restaurant has found its worthy home in one of the most well-known and renowned buildings in Budapest, the downtown office building of Eiffel Palace. Our name is synonymous with prestige, outstanding quality, a respect for the past and traditions, a celebration of the present and a view to the future. We take exceptional care in preparing honest dishes that provide an out-of-the-ordinary experience in gastronomy, aiming at perfection.

“There’s a saying that I believe with all my heart: good things spread and expand. I see how we, ourselves, are raising the bar day after day. 

A restaurant is today much more than simply a place to have great food. Patrons expect to be given more, and we deliver. We provide an experience, a journey. Those visiting us are celebrating a unique occasion, and long for an exceptional experience. We always provide added-value to guests, even if they come just to have lunch and not to consume a lengthy menu. Three courses can provide a wonderful experience even during a simple business lunch. 

St. Andrea Restaurant is a place where we celebrate everything, and we do it with class, pulling out all the stops. It’s important to stop and celebrate. Even weekdays. Open a bottle of champagne and toast each other. Indulge yourself with a candlelight dinner or a great cocktail. This is what I want to have everyone experience and this is exactly want to we want to communicate to guests. Life is not just a challenge, but rather a series of happy moments. However, we can only truly appreciate this if we stop and celebrate.”


Miklós Lizsicsár, Restaurant Manager


St. Andrea Restaurant also caters to guests with two separate rooms, private locations suitable to entertain 12 or 20 people.

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