Woman &Wine

"It was six years ago that St. Andrea launched the Women&Wines series of events in Budapest. We spend one evening at the restaurant at the beginning of the month, while at the end of the month we get together in the morning at St. Andrea Skybar. We can indulge in gastronomy, wines, cocktails and and can casually chat with each other. Not only are we inspired by the guests we invite but also all of us are inspired by each other.

The series is now much appreciated by a large number of regular guests, which is something I never dreamed of. We can meet all sorts of women here, but we all wish the same thing: to spend quality time together. We have a vocation, ambitions, and we might have a family, a husband, children, but in the meantime we are also there, just us, women who want to recharge from time to time.

We're not a business club where we make deals with each other. We are not forged together by some good cause, concept or idea. It's not about real housewives hanging out with each other, or women passionately fighting for equality. This is a colorful, vibrant, high-quality, real women's group.

At the last event before the summer break, someone asked me: "We won't see each other again only in September, will we?!" I had to grab the opportunity, so we got together spontaneously, simply just us without an invited guest. It turned out to be a wonderful evening with stunning city lights, pleasant weather and delicious cocktails on one of the terraces of St. Andrea Skybar.

The next morning I went for a run and was carried by my thoughts, not my legs. I thought back to the evening with this fantastic, vibrant group of wonderful, inspiring, lovely women; all with different attitudes, values, feelings.

We had another spontaneous event in August. A true summer evening, stunning lights over the city, relaxing lounge music, cocktails and the fantastic Women& Wines ladies.

I remember when I was running and preparing for a race more than six years ago because that's when the idea of Women&Wines first came to my mind. It feels amazing to see what those initial thoughts have become, because of you and me but most importantly together with you! I never thought that at this stage of my life, friendships and meaningful relationships could still be formed. But here is the proof that it can happen!

That's why I would like Women&Wines to remain what it is - light but meaningful conversations over breakfast and dinner, inspiring thoughts, social activities – and even going beyond! Women&Wines is presenting new topics, venues and events every month.

Thank you for being there for me and for each other! May it stay that way for a long time! Cheers!"

Klári Holló


1055 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 78.

Opening hours

Weekdays: 12:00—23:00
Saturday: 18:00—23:00
Sunday: closed

Business lunch: 12:00-15:00
Kitchen: 12:00-22:00
A'la carte: 18:00-22:00


Smart casual


If you are unable to attend at the time you have booked, please let us know on one of our contact details so that we can make an alternative reservation for another guest. Thank you!


The entrance to St. Andrea Restaurant is located at the corner of Eiffel Palace, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 78. and Stollár Béla utca. Parking is available in the surrounding streets. Our colleagues will be happy to assist you with calling a driver service and ordering a taxi on your way out.


Our restaurant is non-smoking according to current legislation. Smoking is allowed at the public ashtrays on the side of the restaurant on Stollár Béla Street. 


We kindly ask our guests to try to arrange childcare for their children under 12 years of age for the duration of their stay, thus facilitating their own and our other guests' undisturbed relaxation. 


Please do not bring your pets with you during your stay, as our restaurant is not suitable for pets.