Relaxed fine dining is blooming: what's new for Easter at St. Andrea Restaurant

Relaxed fine dining is blooming: what's new for Easter at St. Andrea Restaurant

If you've been to St. Andrea Restaurant lately, you're in for a real festive treat: a new menu inspired by spring and the coming of Easter has brought a fresh spirit to the restaurant. Chef Endre Kollár introduced his new menu and his spring menu called Flower of Flowers, and new wines and champagnes are added week by week from the St. Andrea Winery in Egerszalók. Miklós Lizsicsár, restaurant manager and his team also have fresh stories to share: the relaxed fine dining is blooming in the most densely populated spot of Budapest.


"The past few years have taught us to walk our own path with a honest heart, following the values on which the St. Andrea winery has been based for two decades and the restaurant for eight years," says Miklós Lizsicsár the restaurant manager. - Everyone who knows me is familiar with the saying that I really like: the good is spreading. This resonates beautifully with the lines of the oldest Hungarian poem, the Lament of Mary, which goes like this: Light of the world, Flower of flowers. This is the message that guides us in the days leading up to Easter, and it is also the inspiration for our restaurant's new menu." 

The quoted lines of the poem remind us that our ancestors believed that the brightness and the light of the world was the flower of flowers, Christ, that is, love. Over the past decade, St. Andrea Restaurant has always emphasized that faith and love are the driving force of everyday life, and when there's mission and motivation there's joy every day; they're grateful for the happiness of guests, the gift of food, bread and wine - because from good things and great evenings, more good things are born.

This spring, Chef Endre Kollár's menu is blooming with the first flowers, fresh greens, first buds, sorrel, asparagus, rhubarb, green apples, blueberries and fermented lilacs. In the chef's spring menu, which showcases his talent for preparing game dishes, you can taste saddle of venison with potato gratin, forest fruits and greens, quail with asparagus and elderberries. One of the most popular dishes of the first week was Angus beef neck with celeriac and Granny Smith, but the lamb shoulder, raspberry and wild tarragon trio is also a perfect choice for Easter.  

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You can choose a classic Hungarian favorites such as duck soup, egg dumplings with lettuce and sponge cake from the menu - as they are prepared at St. Andrea's, "without a twist".

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The favorites are returning in new forms: duck liver, strawberries, rhubarb, chamomile and cold cottage cheese dumplings and the chef continues his series of desserts inspired by the months of the Catholic calendar. Following last year's launch of Boldogasszony and Ígéret, the new signature dessert is Kikelet (Spring Blossom), based on the trio of othello, blueberry and lilac.

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St. Andrea Restaurant's mission for eight years has always been relaxed fine dining in a casual, clutter-free atmosphere. The service is friendly, fun and casual, it keeps you at ease and even if you're new to the world of wine, you'll surely enjoy a night out.

The new menu, featuring some of St. Andrea Winery's finest wines, is blooming from 21 March, with the first greens, forests and fields as well as fresh ingredients of spring preparing you for Easter.





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